J o n o M c C l e e r y


31/03/15 - I'm really pleased to announce that Portico's new album Living Fields is out now, and having co-written some of their songs I will be singing with them for their upcoming European tour. News of my third solo album to follow shortly!

26/10/14 - It's been a strange year, at first full of hope and excitement at the prospect of releasing my third studio album but as the year wore on the album has undergone a series of changes in direction, so it's looking like I will have to wait until next year before finally announcing a release date. But in any case I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with newly reformed Portico, and others I've yet to announce, so I hope fans of my music will appreciate these artistic ventures in the meantime. Please join the mailing list and follow my channels below to stay informed of upcoming tours and releases.